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[Hebrew mem, literally “water.” the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet] Tablets of Mem (memory) are the electronic, computerized recordings of all vibrations and energy impulses ever sent forth through the soul and its higher and lower vehicles. This life record is written on innumerable discs of light which comprise the changing, evolving identity pattern of the soul merging with the Spirit; it determines the patterns which will be outpictured in the three lower vehicles—the mental body, the desire body, and the physical body. Only the violet flame can permanently alter the effect by thoroughly transmuting the cause.

Serapis Bey, who examines the life record of those applying for admission to the Halls of Luxor (the Ascension Temple), comments on the Tablets of Mem (memory) in nature and in man:

The race memory and the memory of nature is divided and subdivided again and again into such minutiae of manifestation as to put to shame the minds of the greatest scientists. We who see from the inner behold sublayer after sublayer of the creation that has not yet been split by the sharp blade of man’s penetration.

There is the memory of the individual to consider, the memory of self—names, faces, places, concepts, recepts and precepts.... Of men’s acts and thoughts this may be said, that they are all recorded, each one. Every subtle shade, every nuance of meaning finds its way into the storehouse of the subconscious memory. These are literally interred with the bones of man, and they survive transition after transition; each time man reembodies, they come with him again, composing his life record.

When the life-giving accuracy of this record is pondered for a moment and the effect of beautiful thoughts is considered with the heart, the need to rise to angelic levels of perception ought to occur to many. Why should men live in the dark, dank cellars of their human creation? Why should the subconscious knowledge that men have stored about themselves be tumbled out upon psychiatric couches? Is this what we may call therapeutics? Or is it the putrification[1] of old ideas disgorging themselves upon the consciousness of present-day man?

The panacea that men crave, if one can justly be said to exist, is within the domain of the same memory that holds the thoughts of negation; this the world has filled almost to capacity with the sordid nature of the carnal man. Now let them learn, if they would ascend, to eradicate this image by filling the folds of memory with the soft, gentle, beautiful ideas of the resurrection and resurrection’s flame.[2]

The Tablets of Mem also contain the record of the soul’s origin destiny. They have been defined by the ascended master El Morya as “the soul’s memory and all that God has written for your destiny.”[3] Kuan Yin explains that “these tablets preserve the memory of God, past, present and future, and in timeless/spaceless realms.”[4]

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