Retiro de Tabor en las montañas Rocosas

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The ascended master Tabor, the God of the Mountains, has a retreat in North America’s Rocky Mountains.

The walls of Tabor’s Retreat are jeweled and lined with crystal. There is a fountain of light with a rainbow action of the sacred fire. Waves of rainbow colors illumine the retreat, a perpetual focus of the seven rays of the hierarchy.

Through this retreat and through his focus in the front range above Colorado Springs, Lord Tabor radiates the protection of the first ray and the action of the will of God through North and Central America, with a special protective action to the emerging Christ consciousness in the sons of God, the youth and the elemental kingdom.

In 1977, the God of Gold spoke of God Tabor and his retreat:

It is the desire of the God Tabor to convey to you the message that within his retreat, that certain retreat that is kept hidden from the eyes of the world, there is a focal point of gold as well as books upon the subject of gold which are ancient. These are manuscripts and they have set forth the intricacies of the Law, the wisdom of the Christed ones, the plots of the fallen ones, and all that you require in an understanding of how it will be necessary to defeat them and to reestablish the light consciousness upon earth.

I ask that you will make calls, then, to Saint Germain, to the God Tabor and to myself, to be allowed to enter this retreat in your etheric body to study these volumes and, therefore, to draw forth from them in your waking consciousness the necessary solutions that will be given to you by the Master Alchemist Saint Germain.[1]

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