Temple of Comfort

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The Temple of Comfort is the retreat of the Maha Chohan in the etheric realm over the island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). It has a physical focus in a large home overlooking a tea plantation.

Portraits of the seven chohans hang in the room where the flame of the Holy Spirit is focused. Through their portrait focuses, these ascended masters radiate the complementary qualities of the seven rays they direct on behalf of the evolutions of earth. The council chamber where the seven chohans meet with the Maha Chohan is in this retreat, the headquarters for their joint service to earth.

In the central altar of the retreat is the comfort flame. In an adjoining flame room, there is anchored in a crystal chalice bordered with crystal doves a white flame, tinged in pink, with gold at its base, emitting a powerful radiance of divine love. Angels carry the emanations of these flames to the four corners of the earth to the hearts of all who yearn for comfort and purity from the Father-Mother God.


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