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Lake Louise

The Temple of Faith and Protection is in the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Archangel Michael and Faith are the hierarchs of this retreat, the home of legions of blue-lightning angels who come from the four corners of the universe to serve a planet in travail. Bands of angels serving under the archangels of the other six rays also gather here, where great conclaves of the angelic hosts are held under the sponsorship of Michael, the Prince of the Archangels.


The temple is round, inlaid with gold, diamonds and sapphires. There are four entrances marking the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock lines of the focus, forming a square platform beneath the temple. Each entrance has a forty-foot golden door, approached by forty-nine steps. Blue sapphires adorn the golden doors and the golden dome in a radial pattern. Beautiful gardens, fountains and white marble benches surround the temple.

The pyramid-shaped altar is made of white and blue diamonds; the color of the flame ranges from a deep sapphire blue to a pastel, almost white shade. The seats that surround the altar in concentric rings accommodate thousands of angels. Two large balconies form circular rings inside the temple, as Archangel Michael says, “for standing room only.” The flame in the center rises towards the golden dome, which is studded with blue sapphires on the outside and blue diamonds on the inside.

After the coming of the first root race to the planet, when the archangels acted as chohans of the rays until these were appointed from among mankind, the retreat was hewn out of the mountain, a physical focus to which all might come to renew their energies, their faith in the divine plan for their lifestreams and their enthusiasm to serve the will of God. After the descent of mankind’s consciousness into duality and the coming of the Luciferians and the laggards, the physical temple was destroyed, but the etheric focus lived on, as tangible as a physical temple ever was to those who travel there in their finer bodies.

When men departed from their original state of innocence and perfection, they lost their own innate protection. Archangel Michael tells us that when his angels enter the atmosphere of earth, when they descend into the dimensions of time and space, they “wear a crystalline helmet of light substance that is harder than the diamond.” He says:

We do this because we wish no penetration to ensue that would bring into our world the power of darkness and shadow or misqualified substance. Yet, you have heard the statement made, ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.’ And therefore, mankind today often go without their tube of light, without any form of protection whatsoever into ... those places of iniquity where the dark spirits assemble to vampirize mankind, [where] individuals pick up in their feeling world those negatives that then linger long afterward as the seeds of disease and produce those unhallowed states of consciousness and unhappiness that sometimes produce a terrible manifestation of the suicide entity.[1]

Activities of the retreat

Archangel Michael and Faith invite unascended lifestreams to come to this retreat while their bodies sleep to recharge and repolarize their lifestreams with the battery of the flame of faith. Angels and elementals do likewise, for all know what an invigorating experience it is to meditate in the flame room in the center of the temple and draw in the essence of the power of the will of God.

At a certain time every evening, the legions of Archangel Michael who have been recharged in the flame go forth in formation from this retreat. Legions of angels perpetually go forth from and return to the retreat, recharged for their service to mankind, for protection and the overcoming of discarnates and entities from the astral plane that would attempt to interfere with the fulfillment of the plan of God.

Archangel Michael tells us that he charges us with the faith to complete our inner vows, our divine mission. He says:

Each and every one of you has stood before the Lords of Karma before coming into embodiment, promising to render a service for the Christ. And I have stood with you, and I have also pledged my energies and those of my legions in the defense of your faith.

And so, in our temple of light at Banff, our angels do come to receive the fires of protection. There they dip in and they are recharged for the service to mankind that they perform twenty-four hours a day. Angels of Archangel Michael’s band would never go forth to do battle without the armour of light and the full protection of the Law. I charge you then to learn a lesson from your angel of faith: to put on that armour, the whole armour of God, as you have been taught, and then to go forth as you shall go forth with the legions of fearlessness flame.[2]

The keynote of this retreat is the “Soldiers’ Chorus” from Faust, by Charles Gounod.


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