Temple of the Sun of Helios and Vesta

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In the center of the sun of this solar system is the great Temple of the Sun of Helios and Vesta.

The invitation to journey there

On a number of occasions the masters have invited us to journey there. On July 6, 1984, Godfre said:

And now, this evening as you take your leave from your physical body temples, Helios and Vesta receive you with open arms of light and love and vast wisdom of the spheres in their retreat in the Temple of the Sun. White angels with fiery shields and helmets and swords held, seraphim, legions of Justinius, of Uriel, Helios and Vesta, my own bands and others shall accompany you now into the heart of the sun known as Victory.

Thus, Mighty Victory himself takes his name from the sun of this system, and it is to the Victory Retreat of Helios and Vesta that we go.[1]

Holy Amethyst has also described a journey to this retreat:

I come to you in the flame of the World Mother and in a chariot of fire, of violet fire, and I would take with me those who are ready for the ascent.... Are you ready? Step, then, inside with me. For now we shall ascend to the heights of the sun. And our wings shall not melt, for they are made of burnished gold, tried in the very fires of the sun, in the heart of Helios and Vesta.

Now we ascend over the treetops and over the clouds and over the effluvia of the air. We rise higher into the blue and we know that God is truly everywhere I AM. There come into view celestial hues and angelic choirs, elementals who serve the outer reaches of space....

And so we come, then, closer to Helios and Vesta. We find not greater heat but greater light, and there is a coolness and a delight. And we see, standing in the center of the sun, our Father-Mother God—representatives thereof, twin flames of pink and gold, standing arms outstretched....

As our chariot approaches in a spiral—for we enter the sun according to the spirals of the sun that form cosmic highways for billions of lifewaves and angels and the Elohim, too—so we come in on a pathway of golden-pink light. And the angels who have suspended and guided our chariot now bring us to a place of rest. We have had no sense of movement, only that we have seen the seas and the great panorama of the highways of the Infinite.

Gently we disembark and we walk the pathway to the throne room and to the inner temple. Our hearts are expectant and leap within. For in the anthem of the free that we hear the trumpets playing (trumpets of mighty seraphim and cherubim and mighty beings we have not known before who are dancing in paeans of praise), in the flowers we have never seen and in the crystal lights in all directions, we know truly this is the heart, the very heart of hearts, the very heart of Being....

We approach swiftly, lightly. And upon the golden stairway we enter. We are bidden welcome by the keeper of the gate. We take from off our feet our sandals. And we enter as children, much in the same manner that we left....

We are received down the long corridor covered by a golden-pink flame, as it were, a flame beneath our feet. And we approach, then, the arms of Helios and Vesta. Each one is embraced, and the kiss of the Father-Mother God is placed upon the forehead. We kneel in utter adoration and we receive the blessing of the Infinite One.[2]

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