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Mary Baker Eddy

The master we know today as the Goddess of Wisdom served in the Temple of Illumination on Atlantis. She was later embodied as Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus during the time of Jesus. In her final embodiment as Mary Baker Eddy (1821–1910), she was commissioned by Jesus the Christ, the ascended master Hilarion (the apostle Paul) and Mother Mary to set forth certain revelations on the science of the immaculate concept, which she published in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings and lectures collected under the heading of Prose Works.

After her ascension, Mary Baker Eddy took up the office in hierarchy of Theosophia, Goddess of Wisdom, which had long been held by another one known as Theosophia, a being of great attainment in focusing the feminine aspect of the wisdom ray. This cosmic being went on to cosmic service when Mary Baker Eddy assumed this office and the name and title associated with it.

Her life as Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Science movement in the late nineteenth century. She had a very intense contact with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because she was so close to Jesus in his Galilean embodiment. She understood and taught that Jesus’ healings demonstrated spiritual law, that Jesus was the Son of man and that the Christ was the eternal principle that he outpictured, and that Jesus set an example for us to follow.

Mary Baker Eddy was an instrument of the Lord’s healing, but her attempts to define the religion of Christ fell short of the powerful mantle of healing that was upon her. The healing that flowed through her far exceeded the limited matrix of the teaching she delivered. After her transition in 1910, she went to the etheric temples in the octaves of light, from where she made her ascension thirty years later.

In her own life, Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated great perseverance in overcoming poor health as well as in meeting legal and media attacks and opposition from organized religion. She was beset in the early years by a series of court cases that stirred public controversy and raised questions concerning her doctrine, organization and followers. Some of the litigation was vengefully initiated by former associates who had defected from the movement, and some by Mrs. Eddy herself in defense of her teachings. Although she was vilified in the press, for the most part she emerged victorious from each case.

Theosophia speaks of her own preparation for the mission of her final lifetime:

There are any number of embodiments that I had between that two thousand years from the time of Mary of Bethany to the time of Mary Baker Eddy. And during these centuries I myself passed through the initiations with the saints in the Church and even in the East and did study under the great Lights as I prepared for this mission.

Therefore, beloved, I studied under those who gave me the teachings of the control of nature and natural forces. And I was gifted, by the grace of God, whereby through this teaching and writing of Christian Science many were healed. But it was truly by the grace of God and my oneness with Christ Jesus.[1]

The science of the immaculate concept

Theosophia teaches the practical application of the wisdom of the Christ in daily life. She also teaches about healing and wholeness and the science of the immaculate concept:

I have lived again and again to set forth the truth of the ages. It is ever the light of the Divine Theosophia to give unto the children of God the awareness of the unreality of death. This is the foundation of all of the teaching of the Mother. For you see, if you can understand that death is not real, then all that leads to death must also be unreal.

Understand, then, that to see through the mists and the maya and to understand that only God is Real is the way to heal and to hold the immaculate concept for yourself. But the fallen ones who come with their degradation and condemnation, they would always have you believe the fundamental lie that death is real because the sin that produced it is real.

You must be scientific with your sword of Truth; for the Mother is always scientific, and so her children learn the ways of science. Unfortunately, they have taken the material science and excluded the spiritual science. This is why the Mother must appear again and again and speak the word of Truth and point the way and point to him who taught, “I AM the way, the truth, and the life.” In that blessed mantra is the understanding that Christ as light is the way—the way out of all human strife and error and that which is apart from the Real. And the truth of being is that God does heal. God does bring together the harmony of consciousness and of Matter. God is the great Spirit of healing in this age.[2]


Theosophia is also very concerned about the correct education of children:

I come to you also with the mantle of the Divine Mother, for I embody wisdom, and I am called Theosophia. Yet, I have occupied this office for not quite a century, so recently embodied have I been....

I surely would sponsor every school that you would open. You can start with one child, two or three, your own, the neighbors’, those who come from homes where parents simply will not place their children in the hands of those who will manipulate their minds toward the left-handed path slowly, imperceptibly, until one fine day they are locked in the grips of forces that neither parents nor teachers can defy.

Thus, be grateful that you have the call and so great a call and so great a science—developed and continued by the messengers, performed by yourselves—whereby you can bring forth from heaven a response far beyond that warranted or merited by your own present level of attainment. This dispensation comes because you call in the name of your mighty I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self.[3]

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