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Twice a year—at winter and summer solstice—the Lords of Karma convene in the council chambers of the Royal Teton Retreat to act upon the petitions of sons and daughters of God and to deliver the cosmic dispensations that come forth from the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun—allotments of energy for the enlightenment and progress of humanity. Each New Year’s Eve, the thoughtform for the year is released from the Silent Watcher of this solar system to the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, who in turn releases it to earth’s unascended evolutions from the Royal Teton Retreat. The thoughtform contains the keys to the outpicturing of the will of God for the planet for the coming twelve-month cycle.

Thoughtforms for different years


The thoughtform for the year, which beloved Gautama described so well in his New Year’s address, is a golden “spinning wheel” releasing a golden thread of pure radiant energy to each lifestream to manifest as his apportioned substance. The nine spokes of the wheel are indicative of the seven members of the Karmic Board, and includes also beloved Gautama Lord of the World and blessed Saint Germain who are spokesmen for the Great White Brotherhood throughout the golden age. This golden thread, symbolical of each man esteeming his life energy as obedient substance, subjective with joy to God’s will, shall be used in the golden age to weave garments of immortality to endure as Christ accomplishment in a living memorial to God’s honor flame![1]


At our meeting in the Grand Teton this year and the occasion of the glorious visit of the Seven Holy Kumaras, the thoughtform for the year was released as a golden anvil. Wherever this thoughtform is used it is our suggestion that the brightest possible gold be employed in creating it. We also suggest that the word freedom be placed above it, denoting that mankind’s chains may be broken upon an anvil of freedom and as a reminder that once every form of tyranny and slavery have been abolished, responsibility does not thereupon cease; on the contrary, that all must strive together in the great smithy forge of life through their own intelligently directed efforts and through the great God-design to hammer out upon the great anvil of freedom, which is truly a golden anvil of illumined action, every necessary armor of righteousness, every necessary adornment and utensil of service, every right idea, and every right action.

The possibilities in this thoughtform seem endless but it is our desire, especially in view of the fact that it will be some time before the words of our New Year’s Eve address are released in print, that we, through the expression of this Pearl of Wisdom, shall bring to your attention this mighty thoughtform. The year has begun with a special impetus of beloved Mother Mary who is serving with El Morya to bring forth a beautiful manifestation of the virgin good will of God in a cosmic and universal action for the freedom of both the individual and the earth.

Long ago a gaunt figure, surveying the battlefields of Gettysburg, uttered these well-remembered words—“The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Beloved ones, may I from Shamballa remind you of the forerunners of progress who have dedicated themselves to the service of mankind and the holy cause of Godliness. Let everyone who would decipher the keynote for this year see it as an anvil of service, a golden anvil, whereupon mighty benefactions shall be fashioned for the good of the world and the freedom of all men. As we move forward toward peace with caution exercised on every hand and faith in God in whom we trust, let all persevere so the divine intent shall gleam more brightly.[2]


And now behold, I see a golden scroll descending from God out of heaven and upon it there is one word and the word is PEACE, and this is also written in gold. And now the hand of an angel adds two very small words beneath—With Honor. And I see the cosmic honor flame of God blazing from afar as a candle in the dark that passes through the universe and causes life to start, to regenerate, to purify, to be all that he is and all that I am and all that you are in the great divine reality of your being.[3]


The thoughtform for the year is a hand—a right hand from above, holding a golden key with three notches in the key and on the side of the key, the letters L-O-V-E—LOVE.

From on high, God’s hand holds the key, which is Love, by which all doors may open to every devotee of the Most High. Love is the key that opens every door, and if the doors of the hearts of men are to respond to God, it must be by a great outpouring of divine love this year. And this is the attitude of wisdom. Let him who has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit saith unto all men.[4]

Love seeks not herself, but to bestow upon the beloved every gracious gift.[5] And the simplicity of love in the childlike way is the key to mankind’s victory—to mankind’s victory that can open every door.

Therefore, the three notches are defined as making this key capable of opening the doors below in the realm of the material, the doors of mind, and the doors of memory to all that Love can bestow and all that Love is and all that God would make mankind to be.

These simple statements are charged with the essence of man’s freedom. Without these statements in action, mankind can but come to naught; and with these statements in action, Love then becomes the key that bestows the grace of heaven upon earth in every age.[6]


The thoughtform for the year is a beautiful golden replica of the planetary body Earth. And through the axis thereof and actually manifesting on the outer periphery of that Earth is the stalk of a beautiful golden calla lily—the calla lily rising up to what is known as the North Pole and extending its influences not only over the Earth and its people but over the immediate area of outer space surrounding your world, the area that has been penetrated by numerous vehicles which the mankind of Earth have sent to outer space as a probe and experiment for interplanetary travel.

We ask that this holy image of cosmic purity—for above the lily are the golden Old English letters entitled “God-Purity.” The precious calla lily has within it the amrita, the nectar of the holy ones who have attained their victory upon every planet in this system of worlds and are, spiritually speaking, appointed by divine decree to be lords of the individual worlds of the planetary bodies of this system. And therefore, the radiance and momentum of each such a one is within this calla-lily cup, this golden vessel of the temple from on high.

And purity, even God-purity, is the salvation of the Earth throughout the twelve-month cycle to come. And it is the means of the purification of the temple of each individual’s world and the universal purification of all upon this planetary body to whom renewed hope then is given that purity and purification are possibilities to every man.[7]


And now the angels of the Ancient of Days draw nigh. The angels of the Ancient of Days come forth. And the thoughtform for the year 1977 is upon us. Now there is the opening, the unwrapping of a very large box. The angels have brought and placed before the Buddha the gift of the Christ Mass. They kneel; they remove the wrappings and the ribbon. They remove the lid from the box and they place before me this thoughtform: A golden eagle from the God Star Sirius—the golden eagle that is the archetype of the deliverance of the sons and daughters of God that has ever been the symbol and the signet of Sirius and of the nations sponsored by the Four and Twenty Elders.

It is the golden eagle of America. It is the symbol of redemption. And so the gathering together of the eagles is the great gathering of those who are called and have been called of old for this hour of the victory.

And coming forth from the heart of this eagle is a diamond light. It is a diamond that is turning, and the light of the diamond within that heart is for the reflection of the light of cosmic spheres. Coming forth, then, out of that diamond is the very consciousness of the heart of God. In that heart is the flame of the Trinity that manifests.

Now is the return to honor, to the honor and the ritual of the Court of the Sacred Fire, after which the court of Camelot was molded. And so the mighty eagle that comes from Sirius, the golden focus of the return to the golden age and the age of the standard of gold, shall be in the heart of the earth and in the heart of the people. It shall be hovering without and within this sphere. As I am a thousand million Buddhas everywhere I am, so a thousand million golden eagles come as the multiplication of the gift by the Spirit of the living God descends now, even into your own heart’s chalice.

This is the gift of the thoughtform for the year 1977. It is that the Lord God has decided to place in the hearts of lightbearers that replica of the golden eagle that you might be walking, living emissaries of Sirius, that you might be serious in your calling, that you might bow to the Lords of Flame each day, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Holy Kumaras and the Four and Twenty Elders and the four angels and the four beasts who are the forcefields of cosmic consciousness in the God Star.

God wills to live on earth, in earth this year in a very peculiar fashion through a very peculiar and precious people. And therefore, God places himself as a golden eagle. And so you see, when you walk the earth, should someone chance to notice that you are wearing a golden eagle in your heart, they will never suspect that it is God. And therefore, the merriment and the joy, the concealing within the eagle of the real and lively living flame of the Almighty One.[8]


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