Threefold flame fountain over Los Angeles

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The Rose Garden in Exposition Park, Los Angeles, center of the threefold flame fountain anchored in the etheric plane over the city

In his dictation of September 21, 1963, the Elohim Cyclopea (sometimes called Immaculata, denoting the feminine release of the Elohim) announced that the devas and builders of form were “building around the entire circumferential area of Los Angeles a tremendous fountain of cosmic light.”

This tripartite etheric fountain extends thirty miles in diameter centered above the Rose Garden in Exposition Park, and Cyclopea announced that it would endure “for a period of one hundred years or as long as the Great Law will permit.”

The outer ring is composed of a blue fountain of cosmic faith rising one mile high above the city; the next ring, one mile within the blue, is a golden fountain of cosmic illumination twenty-eight miles wide and one mile and a half high; and in the center there is a pink fountain of cosmic love twenty-six miles across and two miles high.

Cyclopea explained:

This fountain is an etheric fountain ... thirty miles in diameter and is, on the exterior surface, a bright blue. There is a blue fountain rising into the upper atmosphere one mile high above this city. This great blue fountain is the fountain of cosmic faith and it is filled with the vibratory action of the blessed angels of faith from Archangel Michael’s band....

Then, within a space of one mile within the thirty-mile range, there is established a beautiful golden fountain of cosmic illumination, which rises to a height of one mile and a half into the atmosphere.... Within the center of that forcefield, there is builded a two-mile-high fountain which is a pink fountain of spiritual love charged by the angels of beloved Chamuel’s band.

This magnificent tripartite fountain of cosmic light will continue to blaze over the forcefield of Los Angeles, the City of the Angels.... [It] is a fountain of illumination for the planetary body to create the vibratory action of a cosmic Eden in this beautiful area of light’s perfection.

After the announcement, Mighty Victory said, “We are laying the foundation stone here tonight for mankind’s cosmic victory.” Such a fountain of cosmic light may be established by the hierarchy with the assistance of the angel devas and builders of form wherever students faithfully invoke and visualize the fountain described.


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