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Throughout his many embodiments to the present hour from the ascended state, beloved El Morya has been actively engaged in service to the light. As the son of Enoch, who “walked with God and was not for God took him” in the ritual of the ascension; as one of the seers who penetrated into the higher octaves of light in the ancient land of Ur of the Chaldees; and as a native of Persia, who worshiped the One God, Ahura Mazda—in these and during many other embodiments, he learned to experiment with “divine electricities,” becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual power flowing through man. Later he became accomplished in the constructive use of fohat—the mysterious electric power of cosmic consciousness (quiescent or active)—that impelling vital force, which, when called into action by divine fiat, moves the evolutions of a universe, a galactic or solar system, or even a human being from the beginning to the completion of its mission.