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Will you do this with me this year, each of the three hundred sixty-five days that are to come? Will you do this, beloved ones? Stand and pledge yourselves to the light, and realize that as your Cosmic Mother I will amplify whatever calls you make. For I am pledging myself this year, as part of my dedication unto mankind, that every call that is made in my name shall have the full-gathered momentum of my service and even more. A special dispensation has been given to me by the great Karmic Board whereby I may assist the lifestreams of this earth. And so, beloved ones, those of you who know to make the call in my name, amplify the power of that flame and let it be released through all mankind. For in his Spirit is the victory of the light.[1]

  1. Mother Mary, December 31, 1967, “The Key to Opportunity,” in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mary’s Message for a New Day, pp. 324–25.