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When we say, “Hail Mary!” we are greeting the Woman clothed with the Sun, the feminine principle of the Godhead, whom we know and love surely and above all in the beautiful Mother of Christ but who is also resident, though dormant, in man, in woman and as the light in our innermost being. The white sphere of the Mother is sealed in the sacral, or sacred, base chakra until we love her enough to magnetize her—to actually coax her to mount the spiral staircase and rendezvous with our souls in our very heart of hearts. Here in the Holy of holies, we recite the Hail Mary with her, we enthrone her as our beloved Mother, and she reunites us with the Trinity, the threefold flame of life. She takes us by the hand and leads us all the way to the summit of Being, the crown of crowns where God is All-in-all.