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I wish to point out to you, beloved ones, that each time there is a removal and transmutation of karma, a temporary record is made of it. If individuals will continually persist in repeating the same offenses against the great cosmic law over and over and over again, there comes a time when their actions are called to the attention of the Lords of Karma. Then, a specific activity of the Law is brought to bear upon the lifestream whereby all of their karma becomes accountable for balance. For it is absolutely necessary that mankind shall face their own human miscreations! This action is brought about in order to insure all lifestreams that they will not continually turn toward the left-handed path. It is a curbing action, designed to bring them back to the right hand of God and to the right hand of fellowship. It is wholly an action of divine love.[1]

  1. The Keeper of the Scrolls, April 22, 1962.