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Thus, beloved, the parting is the regathering. And we may all understand that being plucked to the Saviour’s heart—this special offering will come to each and every one in time and in space and beyond. And when the hour comes, as you may anticipate your own victory, you will know that all who have gone before you, the blessed friends of light and the saints, have all become a bouquet in the heart of the living Saviour. And the Lord Jesus Christ, who has taken us to himself, presents his bouquet to the Mother of the World. Therefore is our preaching and our teaching not in vain. For, after all, our goal in ascending is to be the offering of the Christ unto the Blessed Virgin.[1]

  1. Lady Kristine, “My Beloved, Let Us Deliver the Word!” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 25, no. 34, August 22, 1982.