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Affirming with (or aeons before) the proverbial Job, “Yet in my flesh shall I see God!” Lanto, by the dynamism of his decrees from the heart, his devoutness to the living Word as the Universal Christ ever with him, and his consecration of the chakras to the sacred fire of the Mother did achieve what none other in earth’s recorded history since the Fall had done: Lanto so adored the Trinity in the tripartite light of his innermost being that the intense glow of that divine spark could actually be seen through his flesh form emanating a soft golden glow through his chest. This he maintained in honor of Sanat Kumara until his ascension around 500 B.C.—“a memorial to all generations” who are the issue of the I AM THAT I AM—in order that the original lightbearers might recall the mission to illumine the dark star.