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The souls who perished with the Motherland reembodied upon a naked earth. Their paradise lost, they roamed the sands whose atoms were etched with the edict of the LORD God “Cursed is the ground for thy sake....”[1] Having no recall of their former estate and no tie thereto—for they lacked the Flame—they reverted to a primitive existence. Through disobedience to the laws of God, they forfeited their self-mastery, their right to dominion, and their knowledge of the I AM Presence. Their threefold flame was reduced to a mere flicker and the lights in their body temples went out.[2]

  1. Gen. 3:17.
  2. The flame-focuses in the chakras were withdrawn to the heart and the Elohim assumed the responsibility for the natural functioning of the chakras—the distribution of light to the four lower bodies.