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It is useless for mankind to attempt to refute through scriptural means the great eternal cycles and the ongoing tides of life. Those who do will find that at the end of the road, at the end of each cycle, they are taken by angelic ministrants to a place of rest, regeneration and instruction, preparing them for a new adventure in the world of form. Their denials of the laws of life have no power to alter the divine intent. For it is the mercy of God that continually outbreathes the breath of life into the nostrils of men that he may stimulate the Christ Flame within the heart, until the fragrance of the Only Begotten of the Father—of the Holy One of Israel (of the God of all that is real)—does flow through them to fulfill the divine plan.[1]

  1. Jesus and Kuthumi, in Keepers of the Flame Lessons no. 18, pp. 7–12.