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The Hebrew word Ur means literally “flame” or “light.” Ur is the name of an ancient city in Sumer and the tone of Uriel the Archangel. The name Uriel means “God is Light” and the Urim and the Thummim worn by the high priest of Israel translate as “Lights” and “Perfections.” The inner meaning of culture is “cult, or cultivation, of light.”

The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple informs us that “the ancient word for light [Ur] embodies in its intonation the vibratory action of that sootless flame, that clean burning flame that composes the power of the ultra-radiance—the ultra-radiance of primal power.”[1]

The power of Ur is the power of the first ray. The sounding of the name “Ur” releases a tone of light that changes the entire chemistry of the elemental kingdom.

Ruins of the ancient city of Ur. The Great Ziggurat of Ur was partially reconstructed in the 1980s

Ur of the Chaldees

Ur of the Chaldees is the ancient city of light, one of the very first cities of light that sprung up in the Fertile Crescent after the sinking of Atlantis.

The city of Ur was located in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) on the Euphrates River near the head of the Persian Gulf. Often known as Ur of the Chaldees, it was the capital of the Third Dynasty of Ur (c. 2112–c. 2004 B.C.), a flourishing cultural, political, and economic center vigorously engaged in international trade. The Sumerian civilization, of which it was the center, was literate and technically advanced.

According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham (an embodiment of El Morya, c. 2100 B.C.) and his nephew Lot (an embodiment of Lanello) left Ur of the Chaldees to go into the land of Canaan. This was one of their first embodiments after Atlantis.

El Morya has revealed that in his life as Abraham, he was a native of Nippur, Sumer’s cultural and religious center, where his father Terah, whose pagan religion he challenged, was a temple priest.

The power of Ur

The Goddess of Purity states: “The power of the Ur of the Chaldeans is the cross of white fire manifest within you. So the light of Ur comes forth as a coil of light to encircle all who would be pillars of fire and electrodes for the Great Central Sun Magnet.”[2]

The master Hilarion has stated:

Ur, [is] the great sound of God’s judgment, the power by which the worlds were framed. The great Ur, the city of light, out of which Abraham came, [was] a city below formed in the image of that which is above, but which, as in other past cases, failed to manifest all that the Divine One intended.[3]


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