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Image of the planet Uranus taken by the spacecraft Voyager 2, January 17, 1986
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In the study of astrology, the planet Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. Uranus conveys the impulse to freedom and governs representative political bodies; social organization and the relationship between groups in society; scientific invention, computers and high technology; the wise or unwise use of nuclear energy; and explosions.

In the political sphere, Uranus rules revolution and ideologies that promote either freedom or repression, strikes and political agitation. But first and foremost, Uranus rules change—sudden, unpredictable and explosive change.

There is an old adage in astrology: Jupiter makes the law, Saturn preserves the law, and Uranus breaks the law. Ideally, we would like Uranus to assist us in breaking the law of our karma, thereby opening the way for divine mercy, mitigation and the true rapprochement of our souls with Jesus Christ.

If an astrological configuration portends karmic reckoning, repentance is the first order of business. We must call on the law of forgiveness, imploring the mercy of God for our disobedience to his laws. And since the Holy Spirit has given us the violet flame for the alchemy of the New Age, we can and ought to apply our violet flame decrees to transmute our misqualifications of God’s energy. This will insure that all changes descending upon us through Uranus will have a positive resolution, according to God’s will.

Positive and negative aspects of Uranus

Every planet and configuration has a positive and a negative side. When faced with a challenge from a particular planet, we can choose to take the high road or the low road. Free will is the x factor in every chart.

In order to get on the right side of Uranus, we must forsake all our negative vibrations. If we are going to benefit from the positive energy of Uranus, we must have already embraced the will of God as the guiding star of our lives and come to the conclusion that, no matter what it takes, we desire to right all past wrongs and pursue change for the better.

Each one of us can achieve this change as we align ourselves with our Inner Teacher (our Holy Christ Self), pursue our personal walk with God, and know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Accepting his grace and his salvation, we must nonetheless be willing to take responsibility for our karma and come to grips with it by practical and spiritual means.

If people are not ready and willing to change their ways, if they are relentless in violating the laws of God instead of preparing to meet their God, then the impact of Uranus will be the triggering of a karma, long held in abeyance by Opportunity’s hand, whose time has come.

Uranus is the thief that comes in the night to strip from us all ill-gotten gains, to leave us naked before our God. And if we do nothing to get ready for his appointed round, we will awaken to a world without options—only karmic toil by the sweat of the brow.

Uranus and karma

Uranus will have a different effect on each of us, depending on how it aspects our birth chart and whether we have made our peace with God and man. How we experience Uranus will also depend on whether we have the will to embrace our karma, the courage to see it through and the bulldog tenacity to come out on the other side with balanced accounts.

When the day of the reckoning of our karmic accounts is at hand, we have to wake up to the fact that the universe isn’t going to carry our accounts for us! Unfortunate indeed are those who expect it to.

Uranus and freedom

Uranus can bring change for the better just as easily as it can bring change for the worse. Uranus often triggers a situation that can liberate a person or a nation from a limiting condition in a swift and unsettling manner, such as an accident or disaster, the loss of a job, a divorce, a strike or a revolution.

We can see in Uranus the hand of the Guru or the heart of the Cosmic Christ that strips from us, even in a painful way, those things that could kill the body or destroy the soul in hell.[1] Like surgery for cancer—the sacrifice of an organ so that the body itself will survive—or the dissolution of a dangerous alliance.

Such swift, sudden changes of Uranus bespeak the intercession of a power greater than our own, without which we may not experience the resolution of our souls with God.

There is almost always a freedom-producing silver lining associated with Uranus-triggered events—if you look for it, if you humbly assimilate the lesson and go on. One thing is certain about Uranus: it will never fail to get your attention.

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