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The Violet Planet is a golden-age planet at the etheric level whose evolutions have served and invoked the violet flame for aeons. The millions of inhabitants include 144,000 priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, who tend the violet flame day and night and perform ceremonies and rituals of the violet flame at thousands of altars. Omri-Tas is the Ruler of the Violet Planet.

The evolutions of the Violet Planet have served the violet flame for aeons and use the violet flame to tend to all the needs of daily life—to clean their homes, to care for and purify the planet, and even to wash and bathe in. Menial chores are performed by violet flame angels and elementals, which allows the people time to pursue the path of adeptship and to serve other planetary homes.

A temple on the Violet Planet

Omri-Tas describes one of the temples on his planet:

Behold, O planet Earth, our love is pouring out to you from out the heart of the great Violet Planet. I, Omri-Tas, stand now in the center of the mighty pool of light. I shall describe it to you that you may know the beauty of its wonders. This pool is seventy feet and circular. There is a shimmering, magnificent, yellow-colored water, which flashes like electric sparks across the center of this pool. There are seven circular steps which lead up to it. There are seven columns around it. These are of white marble and rise high into the atmosphere. The canopy is quite naturally circular, and a beautiful flow of starry flames pours down from the center. This pool, then, which dwells upon the Violet Planet stands in the center of a great amphitheater where the priests assemble when we give our sacred invocations.

I have chosen to describe this unto you that you may receive somewhat the setting from whence I am speaking and may realize the wonders of a civilization that is free from commercialization, from disharmony, from disunity and all of those attendant causes of distress....

As I stand now upon a tiny, white, circular dais raised within the very center of this pool, I see beneath my feet this shimmering, beautiful, magnetic, yellow-colored water, which flashes with such iridescence and wonder that it is difficult to find words in your own language to describe it unto you....

The marble platform that extends out around this beautiful center-domed temple of light is a pale orange in color. It is set with many white stones sprinkled in it, and the entire effect is magnificent to behold. Many of the priests of our brotherhood here upon the Violet Planet are now lighting canisters ... filled with a special form of electronic energy that releases a stream of violet light in such a manner as to highlight the entire sky and atmosphere around our temple.

The color you see of the sky upon our planet is actually not violet—it is blue like your own. But in order to create the proper atmosphere in this outdoor setting, we utilize a special electromagnetic forcefield whereby even in broad daylight we are able to project from these canisters, focused around the central area of our temple, a radiant color of violet that fills the entire atmosphere.

The effect of the violet reflected in the scintillating yellow pool is magnificent to behold. But there is a spiritual purpose that is conveyed in this magnificent symbol. For there is a special electromagnetic field that pulsates from the water to the top of the tower and enables us to amplify the violet flame in such a manner that throughout the length and breadth of our land, the homes of all of the people upon this planet receive a charge of violet fire in much the same manner that you convey your electrical current upon transmission lines. This violet fire can be contacted by our people and used on special instruments for combing their hair, for washing themselves and, in other ways, for cleansing their homes.[1]

The golden age on the Violet Planet

Omri-Tas has revealed that the evolutions of the Violet Planet had once approached a similar crisis as that faced today by the people of earth.

It was in that hour (when some of you were even a part of our evolutions) that the then Lightbearers of our system did rally to our call. Circumstances were similar to those you now have upon this earth, with fallen angels moving among the people and leading them astray, pursuing their divide-and-conquer tactics, blurring the issues, deceiving the elect of God.

There was a rallying by the then representative of the Divine Mother, who moved in the midst of our people. And that one did appeal to their hearts, and the message was transmitted round that planet until all servants of God were galvanized, even by the power of her heart and the Great Central Sun Magnet. They were quickened, almost as though they were suddenly in another dimension, and they awakened to the urgency of the hour! Beloved, they responded before even greater odds than you face today. They turned the tide with the violet flame.

They heard the call to give their invocations at altars around that planet. There was a saturation of the planetary body with the violet flame. That saturation, therefore, did flush out the fallen angels, who then could be bound by the legions of light and removed.... We went on into a golden age because of the few who responded, and today that planet is sustained in that golden age because the people have not lost the memory of that which was almost a planetary holocaust.[2]

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