Vulcan, God of Fire

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Fresco of Vulcan, Casa di Sirico (Pompeii)

The God Vulcan is a cosmic being devoted to the sacred fire and the implementation of the divine plan by the action of the fire of the Christ consciousness. He, together with his legions, serves diligently to consume those grotesque forms and impure vibrations that are released by the brothers of shadow, the powers of Antichrist, against the sons of God and the manifestation of the divine plan. He also assists those who are striving to overcome, to perfect the caduceus action and to use the creative fire in the service of God and man.

Those who would become alchemists of the sacred fire and masters of the fire element may call to the God Vulcan, who serves with Prince Oromasis and Diana in the training of the fiery salamanders as obedient servants of angels and unascended masters.


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